How to Remove Android Patten Lock.

Well, Let me start from scratch about patterns lock in Android so that those people who are not aware of it also get understood. Patterns locks are being used on Android devices these days to easily lock the device for privacy reasons. It’s also known as the Android pattern lock and it is something really good to keep on Android devices to prevent unauthorized or unwanted users to access the phone.

Many mobile phones become Patten Lock. You can not open this Patten Lock. This Patten Lock can not do anything without opening. We will show you how to open this Patten Lock today. lets start.

Step-1. Turn off your device

Step-2. Boot into Recovery Mode (Press and hold + Volume Up + Home and Power buttons) and other Mobile With Charger Cable active Now.

Step-3. Wait 1-3 Minute.

Step-4. Go to Recovery Mode

Step-5. Go to “Wipe date/factory reset” Cilck (See Now Image)

Step- 6. Go to now ” YES — dalete all user date” 

Step-7.  Mobile All Date Format With Lock Remove.

Step-8.  This Mobile “Reboot System Now”

Step-9. Open Mobile 2-5 Minute after. Remove your Patten Lock.

Enjoy Now