Robi 3gb internet only 23 Tk

Robi gets 3 GB of internet at 23 taka, expires in 3 days. To enjoy this offer, you have to adhere to some policies. Those who can use this offer are Smart Phone Use. Because you have to download an Apps. Click here to download more. See the next steps below in the picture below.

Step- 1. If you can not download here, then go to “Play Store” and search “my plan or robi my plan.

Step-2. After opening the apps, the following pages will appear. See, I’m using 3 GB. There you go to “Hot deals”.

Step- 3. Then there will be written the following 3 GB @ 29 taka, click there.

Step- 4. Then there will be written there, if you have more than 29 Taka, then there will be confirm confirmation, click there and click it.

My phone does not have money so this option is not coming.
[B: This mb can be used for three days, and can be used from 7am to 7pm.]