How to do you change Adsense’s address | Change Google Adsence Verify your bulling address | Adsence bulling address Change

How do you change Adsense’s address? There are many times that the inventory that has incorrectly addressed your Adsense account. Google Account will send you an E-mail to verify. There will be a three digit code in E-mail. If you can not provide the code, then your Google Account can not be verified. You can wear different problems. See the below instructions, then understand how to change the address.

Step-1 Please log in to your Adsense account first. After login, click Setting Button.
Step-2 Go to Setting and click Payment Button.
Step-3 Go to Setting and click Manage Setting.
Step-4. Click Here for Edit your bulling  Address. After that, give your information correctly.
Step-5. Click save button.