The computer is starting but the display is not showing | Computer Start But Not Display

What if you do not have a computer screen? Suppose your computer is running but the display is not showing. What are you worried now? You must take the computer service center. If you can sit at home and do the job, the people will be happy.

1. Your computer may have a RAM problem. For this, you must first clean the ram and clean it. After that turn on the computer by running the RAM and then the computer is turned on. If there are no other issues then there is a problem.

2. Open the Cooler fan on your computer. After opening (open the Processor very carefully) if the dirt is cleaned with a foon or clean with some soft. This work will be done very carefully.
3. Even if it is not right then (notice if you must give a sound when the computer starts), then you can understand. If a word is made once, then your computer may have a RAM problem or RAM will be included in the word. If there are two words then there are problems with mother board. And if the word is three, there are other problems.
If you can not, then you must go to the Service Center. If you have 1st and 2nd information, you will definitely get the benefit.