Police Clearance Apply in Bangladesh 2017

What we will show today is how you apply for police clearance. Many of these do after many problems later. For example, what is the need to apply, how long it takes, what will you have to do after applying, do I have to contact the police station beforehand. Discuss this topic.
What to do to clear the police:
1. Passpot (if color is copied)
2. National identity card or birth registration
3. Chairman certificates.
4. One copy colorful picture.
5. Mobile number
6. 500 rupees bank draft.
How to register
1. Click on http://pcc.police.gov.bd link and click on the registration.
2. With full name of the candidate and registration with mobile number and password.
3. Click Apply Button.

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First of all you will give some tips
1. After the application is completed, you will be called from the police station 2-4 days later.
2. You must carry all your documents and all the documents.