How to add Google Maps in WordPress | WordPress add Google maps in website bangla tutorial

How to add Google Maps to the website. First you have to give Google search by typing google maps. Google Maps will come in front of you. You will then have to pick the location. The location of the place in your website. Going there you can give a map of 2D or 3D size.
You have to:
1. First of all, if you want to add Google Maps, then you will have to determine where to place your website.
2. Then go to a Google Maps and copy a code. Get the code by clicking the Menu bar and clicking on the Share or Embad Map. Please click on Share or Embad Map. After visiting the embad map, you will find a course. Copy it to your website and paste it.

You can take big and small sizes. You can also place the footer bar or side bar.

WordPress Add Google Maps.

  1. Step- Click Menu Bar

2. Step- Share or embad Map Click

3. Step- Embad Map Click

4. Step- First Time Smal Click or Copy Link . Paste Your Website.

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