How to convert Scanned JPEG to Word File at online | Free Scanned Copy JPEG to Word File

This is among the most usual question posed by anyone working into publishing industry, and the answer comes in various forms. For those who are aware of doing these things on their own find this as one of the most simple and easy tasks, however, for people who do not have the idea of doing this call it a daunting one. One of the simple ways to convert scanned JPEG to editable word file comes through one software program known as OCR or the optical character recognition tool. With the help of this technology you can easily do the needful.

Online JPEG image into editable word format

In the fourth and last step, you are now required to click at the button of convert and then see how the software program in converting the said image into the editable word format. This can be seen working out in just few minutes and now the option is all yours to make the necessary changes into the JPEG file, which is now converted into the editable word document.

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