Ampps Install | How to ampps install full Bangla Tutorial

Dear friends, we will show you how to learn web design work with free domain and hosting today. You have to install Ampps first. If you do not have this software then you can take it down. Let’s start.
I gave you a video how to install Ampps. If you do not understand then you can take it from here.

1. First download Ampps will not be available.
2. Double click on Ampps.
3. Next, click next button.
4. I agree the license.
5. Must have internet connection.
6. Do not understand the video
7. Do not understand the entire video without seeing it.
And install the way I ampp install you. With this software you can work with more than 50-60 web site developer WordPress, Drupal etc. It does not take any money to do it. Can be fully free. I’ll give more videos about my site, keep eyes there.