Add Google Adsense to your site Bengali website

How are you guys, sure good Today we will show you how to add Google Adsense to your website? Who will start the contest before, and a little bit about Youtube Adsence but it will not be Website Adsence Do not understand the video?

Google has released an information that can be added to the Adsense website in Bangla and ed in Google. Since then Adsense has added add-ons to their site. Many people worry about this. Think about it and think about how adsense will add to your site.

Bangladesh website adesnce add | How to add Adsense to Bengali language site?

Can you do the same tutorial that I have shown? So see my video?

All you have to do before is to have Google Status on your web site?
20 posts to be less?
Can not have copyright?
Can not have any other ads?
Google must comply with some policies?
Contact Us, About Us, must have.
At least 40-50 people will have to be alive every day.
There are many more videos you can watch on YouTube: Adsense Tips, google adsence website add


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